RocketPop Games working on new mobile arcade game!

RocketPop Games is working on a new mobile arcade game!

The game is slotted as the sequel to RocketPop Games hit game Jetpack Junkie. , Stephen Wilkinson, Co-Founder RocketPop Games says “Jetpack Junkie is based in the future, aliens had taken over Metropolis, jammed all radar and the Legendary Re-con Runners were needed to map out the city. In the new game we tell what happens next.”

RocketPop is not yet ready to completely spill the beans on gameplay but we wanted to list a few game influences. “We wanted to keep the theme from Junkie but switch it up, while keeping the arcade feel to the game” says Wilkinson:

Atari's XeviousAtari’s Xeviousone of the great arcade games of its day. It may not look like it now, but the graphics were sharp and the game play was totally fun. The player needed to shoot alien aircraft while bombing ground turrets- all the while avoid enemy fire.

NAMECO's GalagaNAMECO’s Galagawe love the way Galaga played, but the way the enemy aircraft came sweeping down while shooting them was totally addictive.


Midway's Space InvadersMidway’s Space Invaders– hitting aliens flying across the screen while avoiding enemy fire was the name of the game.



Capcom's 1942 Original Classic Arcade GameCapcom’s 1942 Original Classic Arcade Game-The game play was addictive -especially when the airplanes weapons were powered up!



Konami's Time PilotKonami’s Time PilotConstant firing and explosions says it all, and how about the idea of UFO’s in 2001? – after all the game came out in the early 80’s 🙂






Stay tuned for screen shots and more game information!

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