RocketPop Games Releases “Jetpack Poker” for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

“Jetpack Poker is addicting! When gamers download and play, they will see the gamification spin we made to the very fun game of  video poker” Charles Joyner, Co-Founder RocketPop.

RocketPop Games just released the next game of their multi-game “Jetpack” series- “Jetpack Poker”.

For poker fans, Jetpack Poker is video poker, but has some exciting twits to the game. “During the development of Jetpack Junkie, we were sitting around thinking about what would be a fun game to play and video poker came up. Jetpack Junkie was starting to take off so we put together a prototype and we all ran with it” say Charles Joyner, Co-Founder RocketPop Games.RocketPop Games Jetpack Poker

Jetpack Poker has a “level-up” system designed in to the game. RocketPop wanted to keep the arcade feel to the game while keeping true to poker. So staying in step with Jetpack Junkie, there is a leveling system. There is a set amount each player needs to win for each level-up. Then when the player levels, we add in bonus cash. “The bonus cash is intended to keep the player moving. During development we found that Jetpack Poker is addicting!” Joyner continues “When gamers download and play, they will see the spin we made to the very fun game of poker.”RocketPop Games Jetpack Poker

However with each level-up, RocketPop also increased the minimum and maximum amount the player can bet. For instance the game starts the player out with a minimum bet of $8, a medium bet of $40 and a maximum bet of $200, and later at “Fleet General” the minimum is $250,000 and maximum is $2,000,000 with level bonuses to match! The game starts moving and then really starts running- creating an extremely fun roller coaster ride.

Also included with Jetpack Poker are Game Center achievements and leaderboards for things like largest bets, least and most hands to hands to win and most cards drawn just to name a few.

“One feature we added to the game which is really cool- Most people know that when you get a “Royal Flush” it is extremely rare. So in Jetpack Poker we added in something special for when you get a Royal Flush, I won’t spoil it here” says Charles. “Also for each increasing hand the game starts to get crazy when paying out”.

RocketPop Games Jetpack PokerOf course Jetpack Poker would not be complete if we didn’t add in Cold and Hot Streaks, and a myriad of stats to keep track of how you are doing.

If you are looking for a fun game to play, give Jetpack Poker a try and see why RocketPop Games is making a name for itself by developing very fun games.

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