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RocketPop Games LogoRocketPop games has an immediate (Aug 2013) opening for contract developer(s) to work on an upcoming non-game project. This medium-term position is scoped for a programmer or small team to develop a mobile app with a follow-on option to develop some browser-based functionality of a CMS

Update Oct 2013: This position has been filled. Thanks for your interest!

Overview of the App project:

  • The developer will be helping design and  code a “viewer” for a cloud-based Content Management System (CMS)
  • The app must cache moderate amounts of data on the device and download “fresh” data updates pulled from the cloud as required
  • The app will be published for iOS and Android using PhoneGap / Apache Cordova
  • The app will interact with many native capabilities of the phone including Map APIs, notifications, and the local calendar
  • The app must dynamically create app “pages” based on data from the CMS back end
  • The app must support a simple “theme” mechanism based on data taken from the CMS back end
  • The app must interact with a small number of Web Services which may include:
    • Facebook (minimal such as likes and viewing wall activity, not the full graph API, etc.)
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Flickr
    • etc.
  • RocketPop uses Agile/Scrum methods – contractors are required to track and enter their work in our existing system (JIRA). It’s not that bad 🙂
  • More than a ridiculous amount of details available to interested applicants



  • Experienced developers only please – we love start-ups and awesome amateurs, but for this project we will need to see a strong portfolio and existing track record
  • You must be extremely proficient in JavaScript / CSS / HTML5 development. We’re not handling mouse overs and forms – this is JavaScript application development
    • We plan to use Telerik Kendo UI Mobile for controls and multiplatform look & feel (www.kendoui.com)
    • We have no particular app frameworks in mind – Kendo contains an MVVM framework – but let’s talk if you like one of the other standards such as Backbone, Ember or whatnot!
  • This app will connect to a variety of cloud and data services – you must understand how to interact with WebServices



  • Experience with using native APIs directly and or writing PhoneGap plugins is preferred (i.e. native Obj-C or Java programmers, not just JavaScript experience)
  • We can provide design / art but if your team would like to handle that – we can work with you
  • Remote workers are fine – but coordination over JIRA,  iChat, Google Hangouts, etc. is required
  • You must be fluent in both spoken and written English
  • Did I mention Scrum? We’ll be communicating a lot 🙂
  • We’re a bunch of gamers – just so you know
  • Not a contractor? Looking for full-time work? We just might be able to do that too for the right candidate! Drop us an email and we can talk – especially if you’re in the Dallas area.


Think you or your team have what it takes to build mobile apps on time and on budget? Think you can make this app as well as RocketPop makes games??? Then send an email to jobs(-at-)rocketpopgames.com and let’s talk!

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