Jetpack Poker

★★★★★The second game from RocketPop Games popular Jetpack Series is finally here – Jetpack Poker! RocketPop Games Jetpack Poker

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Ever wonder what the Jetpack Junkies did when they were not training to save Metropolis? Play Jetpack Poker of course!

Play video poker like never before. Jetpack Poker carries the same rules as old video poker, but with an extra twist.

★As the game is played and gold is earned from winning Jacks or better, the player levels up.
★For each level the player earns, they receive a bonus that gets bigger and bigger and the minimum and maximum bets go higher and higher.
★Level-Up to Jetpack Junkie to win the game!
★Unlock achievements!
★Go to the top of the leaderboards!RocketPop Games Jetpack Poker
★Get a Royal Flush and the game goes wild and to remember this- the game takes a screenshot of your awesomeness!
★Can’t put it down addictive game play!

Jetpack Junkie, the first game in the series where Recon Runners became legends, has been downloaded well over half a MILLION times, now it’s time for some well-earned R&R. Use your poker skills to become a Jetpack Poker Legend!

Jetpack Poker Pay Table:

★Jacks or better pays 1X
★Two pair pays 2X
★Three of a kind pays 3XRocketPop Games Jetpack Poker
★Straight pays 4X
★Flush pays 6X
★Full House pays 9X
★Four of a Kind pays 25X
★Straight Flush pays 50X
★Royal Flush pays 250X and takes a screenshot

Note: For the best game experience, not recommended for iPhone 3GS.

★★★★★ Please contact us on Facebook, search RocketPop Games, if you have any questions, suggestions or problems running the game. Thank you!

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