Helicopter Junkie enemy scripting

During design, we created some early quick enemy scripts for our upcoming game- Helicopter Junkie. The trick is to not make it to hard, but keep the action moving. Later, we added in the photon fire-power and air-to-land missile systems “power-ups” for the Helicopter and went back in to tweaked all this several times- Enjoy!

Helicpter Junkie quick scripting







Helicopter Junkie has several different enemies:

Helicopter Junkie Formation Group

Formation Group:

Imperial Fighter squadron, contains 8+ fighters with high precision flying skills.



Helicopter Junkie Snake Formation Left

Snake Fighter Group:

Imperial Guard squadron, capable of staying in pattern while attacking, fast moving



Helicopter Junkie Dart Enemy

Shielded fighter drones, high speed, comes in groups




Helicopter Junkie Drones Enemy

Intelligent fighter drones, sweeps in, fast moving




Helicopter Junkie Land-to-air Missile Turret

Land based air-to-ground missile compounds




Helicopter Junkie Single Bomber


Large bombers, heavy armor, slow moving, fires high powered matter bursts




Helicopter Junkie Bomber Group

Imperial Bomber Squadrons, heavily armored, heavy weapons, protected by Imperial Fighters






Helicopter Junkie Orbital Wall Sction

Large orbiting wall sections, impervious to weapon fire





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