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ndless Running game (or rather, Endless Floating in our case) arrived in stores Hafstor, and is referred to as Kattz’i enough: Jetpack Junkie. This game is actually waiting for the spirit of the Games Endless Running bomb Hafstor today after another. Jetpack Junkie tells the plot in 2035, where aliens are taking over the major cities throughout the globe. To fight new invaders, Veni”a search for weapons caches of those aliens to eliminate them from the inside. Primary problem here is that the alien technology disrupted the sensors of Veni”a, the human race also decided to send pioneers called Reckon Runners to map the cities . Some of these e-Reckon Runners have become legends themselves, and are called Jetpack Junkie.

The difference in this game compared to other games is the design of a dynamic new characters, a similar style super hero Iron – Man. Ability to shoot jets of fire from your hands and feet to hover in the air and avoid the mines. In addition, the Jetpack Junkie designed in such a way you can demand to use the capabilities of your Jetpack to avoid certain objects, combined with moving the device sideways to provide maximum control to the player. The game is based on a certain level varies according to the number of coins you have gathered in the game, you can also buy them new characters, enhance the capabilities of the existing character and so on. Jetpack Junkie offers graphical experience is quite reasonable compared to other games in the genre, combined with excellent sound that gives the game a futuristic and stimulating experience.

Here are a few from ‘central narrow game:

And addictive experience constant of continuous action.
Boosters – special power and cool.
Five different players in the game.
Scoring system from Game Center.
Gameplay experience is the design.
Noah interface, simple and easy to use.

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