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CNET recently reviewed Jetpack Junkie. We appreciate the good words from the game community!

As in the other games in this collection, you have can buy characters that have their own skills to offer on your run. New characters are expensive, so it’s going to take a lot of rides to earn enough nuggets. And as in most games these days you can buy more nuggets for real money if you want to get an advantage with extra upgrades.

Rail Rush is a great time-waster, but it takes fast reactions if you want to go the distance. If you’re looking for a real test for your hand-eye coordination, check out this game.

To stay in the air longer, grab the floating batteries to add to your power supply.(Credit: Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET )

Jetpack Junkie (99 cents) is another 3D runner, but lets you use a jetpack to blast into the air while you avoid a continuous onslaught of shooting enemies and obstacles.

Taking a page from the mega-hit game Jetpack Joyride (iOS|Android), Jetpack Junkie gives you the ability to run on the ground or fly into the air for a limited time. The amount of time you can stay in the air depends on your current jetpack power, but there are many batteries to be found for a quick boost of energy. The only problem is while batteries are plentiful, so are bullets and missles flying at you from the game’s many enemies, as tanks, mounted guns, heat-seeking missiles, and laser-blasting aircraft are constantly en route. If the endless bullets aren’t enough to take you down, the game’s fixed obstacles have a way of sneaking up on you. While playing this 3D runner I was reminded of “bullet hell” shooting games given how much time I spent avoiding bullets, but in great-looking 3D.

As you progress, you’ll also pick up coins that you can spend on upgrades in the Loadout page or on new character models (runners) between runs. In Loadout, each of the upgrades has five tiers and costs more with each additional tier. You can add to your overall life, get a HealBot for constant health regeneration, make your jetpack’s batteries last longer, pull coins toward you with the Magnet, or add more power to defensive shields. As for Runners, you get a free in-game download to see your options, and each costs a lot of coins with different skill sets for each runner. It won’t take too long to earn enough for your first regular upgrade, but it will take a lot of runs to really maximize your runner’s skills for the serious long-distance scores, and even longer to get a new look.

Like Rail Rush, Jetpack Junkie has an in-game store if you want to buy stacks of coins for real-world cash. The emerging theme I’m noticing is these games all like to make you spend some cash to get that early upgrade, when doing it the hard way will take a lot of playing time. I suppose it will work on some, but I had plenty of fun without spending any extra money.

I have one tip that will help you early on: when you turn a corner onto another street, make sure you engage your jetpack for a little altitude. Jetpack Junkie has a way of putting obstacles right after turns, and if you’re not careful, they’ll eat away at your health quickly.

Jetpack Junkie is a great way to kill some time, but it’s definitely not easy. If you want a serious challenge in your 3D runner, this is the game to get.

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