Arcade Junkie Rise of the Pilots new screen shots

We’ve been busy (the good kind) making a very fun and challenging game and are about ready to launch it. Our new game will be called “Arcade Junkie Rise of the Pilots“.

The game is based on some of our favorite arcade games of the past like Xevious and Galaga. Click here to read an earlier post about the game’s influences:

Game summary:

An alien invasion had taken over the City of Metropolis (as seen in Jetpack Junkie). The Recon Runners successfully mapped out the captured city. Seven Lee and a few others reached theĀ perimeter of the alien’s stronghold.

In this follow-up game, take control of the newest and most powerful weapon in the resistance’s arsenal. A new breed of helicopter called “DECH” (duranium enforced combat helicopter), equipped for duty with upgradeable full spread photons and AGM’s (air-to-ground missiles).

It’s the Rise of the Pilots! The resistance begins Phase 2 “Clear Skies”.

Here are a few development screenshots from Arcade Junkie, we look forward to releasing it:

Arcade Junkie ROTP 11Arcade Junkie ROTP 4Arcade Junkie ROTP 9









Other than some minor game polish and game-play tweaks the game is ready to go. More to come!

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Co-Founder RocketPop Games

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