Arcade Junkie

Arcade Junkie, Rise of the Piolts

Game summary:

An alien invasion had taken over the City of Metropolis (as seen in Jetpack Junkie). The Recon Runners successfully mapped out the captured city. Seven Lee and a few others reached the perimeter of the alien’s stronghold.

In this follow-up game, take control of the newest and most powerful weapon in the resistance’s arsenal. A new breed of helicopter called “DECH” (duranium enforced combat helicopter), equipped for duty with upgradeable full spread photons and AGM’s (air-to-ground missiles).

It’s the Rise of the Pilots! The resistance begins Phase 2 “Clear Skies”.

  • Fly and blast your way through the sky over Metropolis!
  • Complete Challenge Waves for bonuses!
  • Collect power-ups for more firepower!

The Resistance Lives To Fight Another Day!

Official Trailer

Releasing August. 2013.

Works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch