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JJ-1RocketPop Games creates fun engaging interactive entertainment products. Join us on Facebook!

All of our products have received incredible reviews and customer responses- Jetpack Junkie has been downloaded over 700,000 times and has reached the number 1 position all over the world- and we have a 4+ rating. Take a moment and download it today and see why so many are playing our games.

RocketPop has developed over 10 games and apps since it’s start in 2011 and we port to many different platforms taking the number to almost 30!

We develop and support for PC, Mac, web and mobile platforms, Cloud, PS3, 360, Wii and Flash.  Additionally we develop for digital delivery systems like Apple’s App Store, in-game and in-app purchases, Facebook games, Mac Store and create and/or combine proprietary software with industry software when needed.


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RocketPop Games LLC is a creative independent game development studio based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. RocketPop develops and promotes its own titles while ideating, developing and supporting a range of clients, including advertisers, businesses and a variety of other organizations. RocketPop makes “fun”.

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Have software development needs? Need an awesome team to partner with? RocketPop Games is here when you need us. Let’s connect.
Contact Charles Joyner- cjoyner@rocketpopgames.com

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Having a problem with one of our games or products? For mobile devices, make sure your mobile device is up to date and restart it from time to time. If that does not work- email us!


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